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Searching for a healthy feeding plan ?  No time to do it by Yourself ? Don't worry - we'll cover it 4you!

Our team will help you to prepare the optimal diet. In order to care for the proper nutritional management and functionality of our body, people should take up to 5 meals every 3 hours that matches their  lifestyle.

How does it work ?

You choose one of the diet programs we offer depending on your needs. A specialised diet can also be chosen on behalf of your habits and  preferences, consulted with our dietitian. You're choosing  the goal to achieved, we do the rest.  Based on given information, we'll be able to prepare and advise you the perfect niutritian program.

When can I meet the specialist ?

Our dietitian is at your disposal every Wednesday from 5:00 pm.  We'd like to  invite you to a free meeting where an individual feeding plan will be chosen specially for you.

There are 6 tyoes of diets prepared:

Life Fit diet

prepared in accordance with the current standards of the Institute of Food and Nutrition and the World Health Organization. Total weight loss with perfect well-being. It's the perfect solution to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Available calories: 1200  1500  1800  2000

Slim Fit

If you dream of a perfect figure at any time,  The Slim Fit diet is the perfect recipe for you. An effective and long-lasting weight reduction based on the assumptions of the latest Nutrition Pyramid IŻŻ is the program you need. Out of all program details, prepared clalories weight can be chosen.

Available calories: 1000 1200 1500

Gluten Free

based on products recommended by the Polish Association of People with Cliacia and On a Gluten Free Diet. We are aware that living with celiac disease and gluten intolerance can be bothersome, that's why we created a diet prepares for people that need to eliminate products containing gluten.

Available calories: 1200 1500 1800 2000


Lactose Free

it's a diet that eliminates dairy products while guaranteeing the right amount of calcium and protein-rich foods.

Available calories: 1200 1500 1800 2000


If you're an active person who have an active sport plan, this plan has been prepared for you! We're aware of the fact that your body needs more nutrients, therefore an supplemented diet with increased consumption of vitamins and minerals has been prepared

Available calories: 1500

Montignac diet, based on the glycemic index

if you want to exclude products with a high glycemic index from diet and use dietary prophylaxis in connection with diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease or cancer, take advantage of our low-IG diet.

Available caloric values 1500 1800 2000


The cost of ordering a diet for a week: PLN 55 / a day

The cost of ordering a diet for a month: PLN 50 / a day



each set consists of 5 meals: breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The price of a meal set includes delivery if your address is in the free delivery area. You can order a diet for 5 or 7 days a week. You can start the order on any day of the week, you decide whether you order for a week or a month. Due to the effects achieved, we recommend orders with weekends.